Advanced HVAC Technologies is an engineering firm who helps building owners save money on their heating and cooling.

We accomplish this by surveying the building to identify savings opportunities, as well as incentive funding opportunities, and implementing the Energy Efficiency Measures. Solutions we commonly implement include:

  • Weatherization/Air Sealing Common area and individual apartments
  • Boiler control optimization and monitoring
  • Pipe and boiler insulation
  • Steam system master venting and balancing
  • TRV installation
  • Water conservation via low flow fixtures
  • Domestic hot water system audit and optimization
  • LED Lighting upgrades
  • Cooling system efficiency
  • CoGen
  • Solar
  • And more

Additional services offered include:

  • Local Law 84 & 87 benchmarking and audit compliance
  • Oil to gas conversions & new boiler installation management
  • 179D - Energy efficient commercial buildings deduction

As an engineering firm, we are typically able to obtain the maximum incentive for some of these measures. In addition, we can often help arrange financing for these measures so that the owner can save from day-one.

For more information, or to find out if your building might qualify for energy incentives, please email